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  1. Love Grimm alot . hope gt season 7 when nick n those friend getting old
    Kelly diana will become the key n also monroe rosalee kid . it will be intersting

  2. I watched this series about 4 times…I wish they didn’t stop producing the movie..hope they have a spin off with the children

  3. Yes … this series is really Awesome because of each character has played their roles very well. But, ending of each season was not gud as per story it is interesting but i can’t see Nick and Juliete separate … they should be together at the end. Andalind & captain Reward should be together. Not gud for Juliet only😞

  4. I actually liked Juliette a little, but she did the one thing I hate when it comes to series of books with important people with missions. She wanted to help, be part of it, to better fit in. In my experience, it always pisses me off whenever a friend, lover, or just someone important to the antagonist, when they finally find out the huge secret, always want to be a part of it. Then she started getting a little boring. Like when Nick was with the Musai, it was kinda cool to see him with another lady. Adalind from the start was at heads with Nick and they ended pretty badly at the end of season 1. They always had this tiny spark of fuel between them and I loved it when they became attracted to one another. I’m still not happy Adalind cheated a baby off Sean and Nick that way, but I’m happy they ended up together. This is my opinion.

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