Ep. 408: Chupacabra

Original Airdate:

December 12, 2014


Official Description:

12/12/2014 (09:00PM – 10:00PM) (Friday) : A BLOODTHIRSTY LEGEND COMES TO LIFE — An unsuspecting traveler brings a blood-sucking legend with him to Portland, and Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) find themselves investigating the gruesome trail of “El Chupacabra.” Meanwhile, Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) and Rosalee (Bree Turner) prepare to leave for their long-overdue honeymoon as they are met with more threats regarding their marriage. Elsewhere, Viktor (guest star Alexis Denisof) and Adalind (Claire Coffee) decide to take a trip of their own, while Wu (Reggie Lee) decides to confront Nick about what he has been seeing. Bitsie Tulloch and Sasha Roiz also star.


Directed by: Aaron Lipstadt

Written by: Brenna Kouf

Production Code: 408


Opening Quote: “Cuide su rebaño, nunca deje su lado. Cuide su sangre, el Chupacapbra tiene hambre.” Translation” Take care of your flock, never leave your side. Watch your blood, for the chupacabra is hungry.” – Literature quote from: Chupacabra



Rating/Share 18-49: 1.3/4

Viewers (millions): 5.066

DVR 18-49: 1.0

DVR Viewers (millions): 2.794

Total 18-49: 2.3

Total Viewers (millions): 7.860


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