Ep. 405: Cry Luison

Original Airdate:

November 21, 2014


Official Description:

11/21/2014 (09:00PM – 10:00PM) (Friday) : A WOMAN’S DELUSIONS DRIVE HER TO COMMIT A DEADLY CRIME — JACQUELINE TOBONI, ALEXIS DENISOF AND LOUISE LOMBARD GUEST STAR Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) are called to the scene of a crime where the suspect swears she was driven to madness by a very persistent talking wolf. Meanwhile, Nick and Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) wonder if getting his Grimm powers back is worth giving up a normal life. Elsewhere, Bud (guest star Danny Bruno) hopes Trubel (guest star Jacqueline Toboni) can help take care of a wesen-related issue and the threats against Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) and Rosalee’s (Bree Turner) inter-wesen marriage heat up. In Austria, Adalind (Claire Coffee) continues her perilous trek in the hopes of retrieving her daughter. Sasha Roiz and Reggie Lee also star.


Directed by: Eric Laneuville

Written by: Michael Golamco

Production Code: 405


Opening Quote: “A liar will not be believed, even when he speaks the truth.” – Literature quote from: The Boy Who Cried Wolf



Rating/Share 18-49: 1.3/5

Viewers (millions): 5.427

DVR 18-49: 1.1

DVR Viewers (millions): 2.821

Total 18-49: 2.4

Total Viewers (millions): 8.248



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