Ep. 210: The Hour of Death

Grimm - Season 2

Episode Title: The Hour of Death

Original Airdate:

November 2, 2012


Official Description:

A SERIAL KILLER DESCENDS ON PORTLAND AND THE WESEN COMMUNITY IS IN GRAVE DANGER — When a brutal vigilante homicide is made public, it sends Portland’s Wesen community into a frenzy. As Nick (David Giuntoli) investigates further, he discovers a pattern similar to that of a particularly brutal line of past Grimms. Is there another Grimm in town, or is Nick dealing with a sadistic copycat? Meanwhile, Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz) takes it upon himself to offer Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) comfort in handling her ongoing dilemma with Nick. Russell Hornsby, Silas Weir Mitchell and Reggie Lee.


Directed by: Peter Werner

Written by: Sean Calder

Production Code: 210


Opening Quote: “And branded upon the beast, the mark of his kin. For none shall live whom they have seen.” – Literature quote from: Albtraume fur Wesen Kinder


This quote was not taken from a real literary tale, but it’s from Monroe’s wesen fairytale book that he showed to Nick during this episode. It’s the first time that this has been done in the show and it’s an inside joke from the script.



Rating/Share 18-49: 1.8/5

Viewers (millions): 5.64

DVR 18-49: 1.1

DVR Viewers (millions): 2.48

Total 18-49: 2.9

Total Viewers (millions): 8.17


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