The Main Characters


Short bios of the main characters: who they are at the beginning of the series (when we first met them)… so no spoiler alerts! (In case you haven’t seen all the episodes so far).

 Nick Burkhardt


Nick Burkhardt is a homicide detective for the Portland Police Department. He was born in Rhinebeck, New York, and lived there until his parents were thought to have died in an automobile collision in 1994 when Nick was 12 years old. After his parents accident, Nick was raised by his Aunt Marie (his mother’s sister).Nick is a Grimm and did not learn about his heritage until 2011 when his powers began to manifest and his Aunt Marie came to visit him in Portland. His Aunt Marie explained to him that he is a descended from a line of hunters, called Grimms, who fight supernatural forces.
Hank Griffin is a homicide detective for the Portland Police Department. He is Nick Burhardt’s skilled detective partner and close friend. When the series starts he is not aware that Nick is a Grimm. Hank has been married at least three (and possibly four) times.

Hank Griffin


 Juliette Silverton


Juliette Silverton is Nick Burhardt’s girlfriend. She is a veterinarian. At the beginning of the series they are very much in love and living together, also Nick wanted to propose to her but Aunt Marie warned him to break up with her because it was too dangerous.
Monroe is a Wieder Blutbad who used to live a fairly solitary, reformed life among humans, until he met Nick. Monroe is knowledgeable about the supernatural creatures that Nick goes up-against. They form an unlikely friendship as result of Nick oftentimes calling upon Monroe for help. Monroe is not only Nick’s friend; he also helps him navigate the Wesen world.



Captain Sean Renard


Captain Sean Renard as the ranking officer of the precinct he is the man to whom Detectives Nick Burkhardt, Hank Griffin and Sergeant Wu report. He is a mysterious man who seems wealthy (lives on the 16th floor of a ritzy condo). We don’t know much about his background or his intentions. Renard speaks French, german, and latin.
Sergeant Wu is a police sergeant at the same precinct as Nick Burkhardt and Hank Griffin. He tends to do the “grunt work” for them, running down facts and information and often arriving at the scene of the crime before Nick and Hank.

Sergeant Wu


Rosalee Calvert


Rosalee Calvert ia a Fuchsbau who takes over her brother’s wesen spice shop after he is murdered. The apothecary was her family business, which she did not pursue at the beginning because she didn’t like it. She had a past of bad behavior but she cleaned up her act. Now she is Nick and Monroe’s friend and helps them in their efforts by providing more information and remedies to supernatural problems.
Adalind Schade is a hexenbiest and a lawyer who worked with Renard and tried to kill Aunt Marie.

Adalind Schade


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