Grimm star David Giuntoli at London MCM Expo 2012

On May 2012, David Giuntoli attended MCM Expo 2012 – London Comic Con in London. Here’s a press interview, in which he talked about Grimm‘s Season 2, his love for British TV, Star Wars, and more.


MCM Expo, May 2012 – David Giuntoli from Grimm

This is the full, pretty much mostly uncut interview with Grimm’s David Giuntoli from the May 2012 MCM Expo. Did you know David Giuntoli is totally into board games? Rich didn’t. Other than that, David talks about Season 2 for a bit and gives out some love for British TV. And he does all this while looking handsome. Poor Rich.


Grimm’s David Giuntoli Press Interview at London MCM Expo

David plays the lead role of “Nick Burkhardt” in Grimm.


David Giuntoli Interview – Grimm Season 2 – London MCM Expo 2012


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