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In this 2013 interview, Silas Weir Mitchell, Bitsie Tulloch and Sasha Roiz talked to TVLine about Grimm’s Season 2, including the midseason premiere, Juliette and Renard,  Rosalee’s return, Nick living with Monroe, and Nick and Renard’s confrontation. Source: TVLine

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SEX, PECS AND A SCHEMING EX-HEX(ENBIEST) | As you know from the promo, Juliette and Renard’s obsession with each other ignites some serious lip-locking – and we can report that lamps are broken, a gun is fired and shirts are ripped as part of the foreplay. “It’s almost like Grimm After Dark – you know, a racier version,” Roiz joked during a conference call with media. Tulloch added that neither Juliette nor her police-captain paramour are quite in their right minds. “This is not some slow burning love,” she said. “They can’t control the lust.” Before the hour is over, Adalind also gets her swerve on – and the pint-sized blonde is even freakier (and cunning) than you might’ve imagined.

ROSALEE IS BACK! | Now that Bree Turner’s real-life maternity leave is over, her fuchsbau rolls back into town – just in time to drop some significant knowledge that affects the outcome of the episode. (When Ms. Calvert hones in on an unexpected side effect of Juliette’s magical coma, it prompts Nick to sigh, “Does anything not end in death?”) And as you might guess, Monroe’s pretty happy to see her. Their reunion “goes probably better than Monroe thinks it might,” said Mitchell.

THE ODD COUPLE | Nick has moved out of his home and is living with Monroe. “He basically just needs a place to stay while this craziness figures itself out,” Mitchell explained. And while the Grimm is licking his wounds at his pal’s place, Monroe sees his main job as keeping Nick from doing something really stupid to his boss. “It’s like a love triangle, and I’m kind of in the middle of the triangle,” the actor added. “So it’s like a love prism. It’s a love triangle with four points. It’s a love hexahedron. And [Monroe doesn’t] really know how to handle it, which is fun.”

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