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In this March 2013 interview, Canadian actor Sasha Roiz talked to Real Style Network about his Montreal roots, Grimm’s exciting second season,the love scene that required a stunt coordinator, the fanbase, and more. Source: Real Style Network

Take a sneak peek at the Real Style Network interview from 2013.

RSN: Has it already been determined on Grimm that the Royals are human?
SR: I think it has been revealed. My character’s background is that he’s a Royal, but he’s a bastard. His mother is a Royal, so that’s the creature side of it.

RSN: For the return of Grimm, you and Nick get into a brawl.
SR: It’s the opening episode, which is this Friday [March 8]. There’s a big brawl. We left off with that cliffhanger where he discovers that I’m the other man that his girlfriend is having an affair with. He also uncovers the fact that I’ve been hiding my true nature from him this whole time. We definitely have an altercation and we’ll see how it plays out.

RSN: Bitsie who plays Juliette said there’s a sex scene in season two that’s so intense it required a stunt double and hours of rehearsal, which Grimm has not yet done.
SR: True.

RSN: That’s not a fair answer!
SR: It’s a pretty volatile sexual scene because both of us are overwhelmed by this spell that’s taken over, and we can’t seem to resist each other. We’re fighting the temptation at every turn, but it’s always getting the best of us. You see the culmination of that in that scene.

RSN: What would you need a stunt coordinator for?
SR: Exactly, right? Well, it gets violent at times. It’s very aggressive because we’re both trying to resist each other. There’s a whole physical element to it.

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