Grimm Post Mortem: David Giuntoli on Why the Juliette-Renard Infatuation Is ‘My Fault’ – TVLine

In this March 2013 interview, David Giuntoli talked to TVLine about Grimm’s Season 2 episode 2×13 titled “Face Off”, which was filled with lots of revelations, including Nick finally knows Renard woke up Juliette, Renard took the key and gave it back to Nick, Renard and Juliette’s make-out session, and the showdown between Nick and Renard. Source: TVLine

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TVLINE | That was quite an action-packed return.
It’s a good episode to come back with. It’s probably one of our most revealing episodes.

TVLINE | Nick deals with a lot in this episode. When he sees Juliette and Renard kissing in the doorway and then moving inside, what’s going through his head?
Guys do this thing – I don’t know if women do it – where it’s way easier to be angry than really broken and sad. It’s probably healthier. So that’s what he’s doing. That’s what’s going on in Nick’s head right there.

TVLINE | And what’s going on inside the house is actually probably crazier than what he’s imagining. There’s gunplay!
Yeah. He didn’t imagine that. Though… I end up going in there and seeing what the hell happened. Not really knowing what did happen, but knowing somethinghappened. I had no idea what was going on. I just knew I didn’t want that man in my house.

TVLINE | Elsewhere, Adalind is out of jail now and back to causing big trouble.
Adalind kind of goes off in her own evil schemy world soon, and it involves me much less until — I’m sure — the end of the season where its going to again come to some major cliffhanger.

TVLINE | The showdown between Renard and Nick –
In Portland, the way men settle scores is you go into the woods and physically fight each other. That’s exactly what Renard and I do.

TVLINE | Every single man in Portland does that, eh?
Listen, I’m not writing the rules. [Laughs] I don’t know if that’s what they do in Portland; that’s what we do. That’s what we did. It was a huge, epic, [and] really enjoyable to film and it looks great. It was a big kerfuffle that it all came down to.

TVLINE | Highly choreographed?
Yeah man, and it looks great, but let me assure you: The first seven run-throughs were like two drunken black bears at the circus clumsily mauling each other by accident. It was not the prettiest thing. I kneed Sasha Roiz in the face, hard… and he, like, horse-kicked me with his size whatever dress shoe and I had this bruise. It looked like I got kicked by a giraffe. You know how they have that powerful kick? It was huge. A huge bruise from my knee to my — yeah, it was bad.

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