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In this October 2013 article, Grimm’s executive producers David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf shared some teases of what was to come during Season 3, including the moral and physical repercussions of Nick’s zombi estate, Juliette’s involvment now that she knows Nick’s a Grimm, Adalind’s pregnancy, Monroe and Rosalee’s relationship, and a new prince. Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Take a sneak peek at The Hollywood Reporter article from 2013.

Nick’s zombie state won’t be a long-term thing. “He is not a zombie for the rest of the season,” Kouf reassures. But Zombie Nick is far more ruthless than what viewers have become accustomed to thus far in the series’ run, with Geenwalt describing him as a “mindless, thoughtless killing machine.”

There will be “moral” aftereffects after Nick returns to normal. “As you see in the episode after [airing Nov. 1], there is a moral issue to deal with,” Kouf says, hinting that there are “physical changes” for Nick that “make him a little bigger and a little better.”

How will this affect Nick and Juliette’s (Bitsie Tulloch) relationship? “It will affect them and his friends,” Greenwalt says, with Kouf adding: “Just because he’s a zombie doesn’t mean he can’t be loved.”

With Juliette’s knowledge that Nick is a Grimm, expect more involvement from her this season. “She is going to be more involved than she was before. She is going to bring a lot to the table,” Greenwalt says. In one particular episode, which centers on an exorcism, Juliette’s “terrific medical knowledge really comes in handy. She’ll be helping out Nick …. [though] Nick doesn’t want her near all this danger.”

Expect the pregnant Adalind (Claire Coffee) to give birth during the season. “Everybody and their mother, so to speak, wants to get their hands on this baby,” Greenwalt says. “She will be having the baby sooner rather than later [and] it won’t be at the end of the season.” Plus, the powers that have returned “are a little different than before,” Kouf says.

Read the complete Hollywood Reporter article with Grimm’s executive producers.

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