Visual Effects on Grimm – Hive-FX

During its 6 seasons, Grimm’s fantasy world of wesen had come to life by the help of visual effects. Check out these videos from Hive-FX, the production studio who worked on Grimm’s visual effects animation. Source: Hive-FX


Grimm Visual Effects Breakdown Reel – VFX / PDX 2013


Grimm – VFX Breakdown by HIVE-FX (2011-16)


CGI VFX Breakdown HD: “Grimm Vfx Breakdown” by Esli Becerra | HiveFX


Check out more Hive-F videos to watch the breakdown on many visual effects from Grimm.

One thought on “Visual Effects on Grimm – Hive-FX

  1. I was always convinced the Special Effects (woging) of Wesen was a CGI thing, not actual makeup. Yet one page says it was actual makeup, not CGI. Which is it… a bit of both or more of one than the other or…?

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