Comic Con 2015 Videos – Grimm Cast Interviews – Universal Channel

In these 2015 videos from Universal Channel, the Grimm cast and answered some questions from Latin American fans during San Diego Comic-Con 2015. Check out these video interviews from Universal Channel with David Giuntoli, Bree Turner , Sasha Roiz, Silas Weir Mitchell, Russell Hornsby, and Reggie Lee. Source: Universal Channel


Grimm – David Giuntoli


Grimm – David Giuntoli 2


Grimm – Bree Turner


Grimm – Bree Turner 2


Grimm – Russell Hornsby


Grimm – Russell Hornsby 2


Grimm – Sasha Roiz


Grimm – Sasha Roiz 2


Grimm – Silas Weir Mitchell


Grimm – Silas Weir Mitchell 2


Grimm – Reggie Lee


Grimm – Reggie Lee

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