A day like today on Grimm – January 13th – 2 Episodes!

A day like today on Grimm 6 years ago on January 13th, 2012:
  • Oleg Stark, an escapee with an unusual strength and high tolerance for pain, returns to Portland on a revenge mission. Nick and Juliette are put in danger, and Monroe is called into action to help. Monroe shoots Stark with a Siegbarste Gewehr and saves Hank.

Episode1×08 – Game Ogre

Original Air Date: 01/13/2012


A day like today on Grimm 1 year ago on January 13th, 2017:
  • Wu and Hank discover a solution to stop Renard; Adalind performs a Trust Me Knot spell and blood oath between Nick and Renard; Monroe and Rosalee witness Diana’s powers; and Eve and Trubel work to solve the mystery of the cloth found with the healing stick.

Episode6×02 – Trust Me Knot

Original Air Date: 01/13/2017


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