A day like today on Grimm – February 10th – 2 Episodes!

A day like today on Grimm 6 years ago on February 10th, 2012:
  • Nick and Hank track a deadly heartbreaker; and Nick’s growing recognition among the creature world starts to threaten his and Juliette’s safety.

Episode1×11 – Tarantella

Original Air Date: 02/10/2012


A day like today on Grimm 1 year ago on February 10th, 2017:
  • Nick, Hank and Wu investigate a murder in a local hotel that leads to a guest who claims to be haunted by a terrifying creature in the night; Monroe, Rosalee and Eve continue to research the symbols on the cloth; and Renard continues to be haunted.

Episode: 6×06 – Breakfast in Bed

Original Air Date: 02/10/2017


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