Russell Hornsby on missing ‘Grimm,’ costar Reggie Lee and film ‘The Hate U Give’ – Inquirer

In this Inquirer interview, Russell Hornsby talked about what he misses about Grimm, his friendship with costar Reggie Lee, and his current and upcoming movies, including “The Hate U Give“.

Since Grimm ended in 2016, his TV credits include Netflix’s miniseries “Seven Seconds,” Showtime’s “The Affair” and his upcoming Fox new series, “Proven Innocent.” On the big screen, he will be part of director George Tillman Jr.’s film adaptation of Angie Thomas’ bestselling young adult novel, “The Hate U Give” and Creed II with Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone.

Take a sneak peek at this 2018 interview from Inquirer.

“What I miss about ‘Grimm’ are the people. It is working with people like Reggie Lee, David Giuntoli and the crew—everybody,” Russell Hornsby said about the fantasy police procedural TV series that ran successfully on NBC from 2011 to 2017.

“Reggie and I became real close because we’re both theater actors,” added Russell, who played detective Hank Griffin. Fil-Am actor Reggie portrayed sergeant Drew Wu, who worked with Hank and Nick (David), in the series shot in Portland, Oregon.

“And we’re both always about the work,” continued Russell who shares a passion for theater with the Quezon City-born Reggie.

The Oakland, California native played football in high school, but got hooked to the stage when he landed the Scarecrow role in a campus production of “The Wiz.”

“Reggie and I went to see shows together,” said the Boston University theater arts alum who went on to study for a summer at Oxford University under the British Academy of Dramatic Arts program. “We got a chance to talk to each other and realized how similar our lives are. And in how we think about the world and humanity. We started having those philosophical conversations, like when you start to get to know people. We have a kinship now.

“Even now, we’re texting each other back and forth—‘Congratulations!’ ‘How are you doing?’ All those things. We have a deep friendship. I have deep love for that man. He’s beautiful. He is one of those people you want to keep with you for the rest of your life.”

On the big screen, Russell is cast as Maverick “Mav” Carter in director George Tillman Jr.’s film adaptation of Angie Thomas’ bestselling young adult novel, “The Hate U Give.”

Read the complete Inquirer interview to find out more about Russell Hornsby’s upcoming movies.


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