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In this November 2013 interview from early Season 3, Bree Turner talked to BuddyTV about what was in store for Grimm’s favorite Wesen couple Monroe and Rosalee, including family drama, living together, Rosalee’s past, the possibility of babies, and more. Source: BuddyTV

Take a sneak peek at the BuddyTV interview.

The Joys of Living Together

Monroe and Rosalee moving in together was something that was a long time coming. Turner agreed. “[Their relationship] moved at a glacial pace, but we’re definitely making up for it this season.”

Now that Monroe and Rosalee are finally living together, they are basically working and living together, since they both have a “job” that entails helping out Nick. Will working and living together have an effect on their relationship?

“Sharing space together makes everything a lot more convenient for solving cases with Nick when he asks for our help,” Turner agreed.

When asked what else is coming up for Monroe and Rosalee this season, Turner said things are about to get very complicated.

“The relationship between the two characters has been so charming and lovely and real and mature and it’s just been such a fun journey to take. We’re about to start Episode 12 and there’s a lot that happens for us in these first 12 episodes.


Not Everyone is Happy for the Couple

“We pretty much get shut out of a cannon. All of the [rosiness] that’s been part of our courtship really gets a lot of challenges – in terms of our families and the old-fashioned, old-world views of two species mixing. [Some Wesen have a problem with] mixed relationships and how that affects the Wesen world, and that we’re a modern couple breaking the mold.

“[There’s also the issue of] working with the Grimm, being friends with the Grimm, changing the new world order. We’re sort of reinventing what the world is about for us.”

So while Monroe and Rosalee are entering into a very happy time of their lives, their families may not be as excited for the couple.

“There are some in their family who are very old-school,” Turner said. “We meet them in [Episode 13] and they have a major problem [with our] way of life and us being together. The effects of that I think are really interesting.”

“[We] just finished [Episode] 3.11, where you meet my mother and sister. [It’s] a really heavy episode,” Turner added.

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