David Giuntoli Talks His Journey from Reality TV to ‘Grimm’ to ‘A Million Little Things’ – Us Weekly

In this Watch With Us podcast from Us Weekly, David Giuntoli talks about his first leading role since “Grimm” in “A Million Little Things”, his character Eddie and the differences with his character Nick Burkhardt on “Grimm”, and his transition from Road Rules to scripted TV. Source: Us Weekly

Take a sneak peek at US Magazine interview and listen to the complete podcast.

“Nick Burkhardt was a hero. He was a lawman, and he would do anything to protect his loved ones and there was no sacrifice too great that he would not shoulder to help the community or his loved ones. Eddie Saville on the other hand, very flawed, so awash and burdened by his own demons that he often makes the wrong choice,” the actor said on this week’s “Watch With Us” podcastOpens a New Window.. “Reading A Million Little Things, I knew they were interested in me for Eddie and I read it and I’m like, oh this guy’s great. He’s in a position that’s so different from Grimm.”

He continued: “Then I read the last two pages of the pilot and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, he is sleeping with his best friend’s wife. Uh, this is gonna be interesting. I don’t think people are gonna love this guy. How are we gonna pull this off?’”

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