David Giuntoli on ‘A Million Little Things’ and ‘Grimm’: ‘I miss Portland so much – OregonLive

In this OregonLive/The Oregonian interview, David Giuntoli talks about his new ABC show “A Million Little Things”, his character Eddie, how he got he role, and missing Grimm. Source: The Oregonian/OregonLive

“A Million Little Things” will premiere on Wednesday, September 26th, 2018 on ABC.

Take a sneak peek at the article.

In its six seasons, the Portland-set “Grimm” built a devoted fan following. Giuntoli said he’s “very happy with the way ‘Grimm’ wrapped up. The only problem,” he adds wryly, “was it wrapped up.”

Of his ‘Grimm’ collaborators, Giuntoli said, “They’re all my family, they’re still my best friends. I married one of them, for God’s sake.”

Of his “Grimm” costar, and now wife, Elizabeth Tulloch, Giuntoli joked, “I always say she’s my second-favorite souvenir, other than Nick’s Land Cruiser” (Giuntoli bought the vehicle that Nick drove in the show).

“I was just in Portland,” Giuntoli said, in early August at the press tour event in Beverly Hills. “I was in Portland — on my way to Vancouver – and I picked up Nick’s Land Cruiser. I now drive Nick’s Land Cruiser in Vancouver, Canada.”

Read the complete OregonLive interview, in which David Giuntoli also talks about his new show “A Million Little Things”.

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