Grimm’s Bitsie Tulloch and Claire Coffee Preview Season 3’s ‘Gnarly’ Start – Plus: Exclusive Pics! – TVLine

In this 2013 interview, TVLine talked to Grimm stars Bitsie Tulloch and Claire Coffee about what was to expect from Grimm’s third season premiere, including the Grimm team’s search for Nick, Adalind’s grotesque tasks to gain her powers, Nick’s action that affects everyone, Juliette’s new role in the team, and more. Source: TVLine

Take a sneak peek at the TVLine interview.

Bitsie Tulloch

TVLINE | Where do we pick up with Juliette as the premiere begins?
Juliette was kind of feeling like she got Nick back, and then she loses him again when there’s this sort of zombie invasion. She’s toughened up really, really quick; she’s just like, “I’ll be damned if I’m going to lose him again. I just got him back, I just started remembering him.” [She and the gang] are pretty much dead-set on figuring out a way to rescue Nick before he either dies or turns into a zombie and it’s irreversible.

[The episode] directly picks up where the finale ended. At first, it’s Monroe and Rosalie and Juliette trying to run around the container yard and see if they can figure out what happened to him. It’s definitely high drama, it feels a little more like a movie. The first two [episodes], there’s a lot going on. We had more stunt doubles then we’d ever had, there were a lot of background zombies and the story’s just really cool… The premiere is going to have a little cliffhanger going into Episode 2, because [the gang is] running out of time.

Claire Coffee

TVLINE | Let’s talk about Adalind: As we come into the episode, we know she’s working with Stephania, she’s basically thrown over Frau Pech, and the things she has to do in these first couple episodes are truly disgusting.
Yes, it’s really gnarly, even to describe. Our special effects makeup team, run by Barney [Burman], they made an entire Frau Pech body, and so, yeah, it’s disemboweled, it’s chopped up. Her body is made into a stew, for lack of a better word… We’re using the whole Frau Pech in order to make my body prepared to get these powers back…  I’m selling the baby to Stephania in order to get her knowledge and learn what to do to get those powers back.

Read the complete TVLine interview with Bitsie Tulloch and Claire Coffee and click through a gallery with behind the scenes photos from the episode.

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  1. The story line was great right the way through to the end. The last episode let the series down. It was an anti-climax. I expected Nick and Juliet to get back together and have a fairy tale ending. It would also be great to have further series, it is a loss to net flicks as the other tv programmes in the same genre do not come close.

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