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The cast and executive producers of Grimm talked to IGN about what to expect from the final season, including a lot of answers, new threats, and the show’s end. Source: IGN

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The cast members spoke at length on set about how grateful they are to get a final season to end Grimm, even if the ending of the show that turned them into a family is “bittersweet.” “It’s very lovely to get a final anything where you know it’s the final anything. It doesn’t just get pulled out from under you. That was nice. We get to find our footing for a little while,” said lead David Giuntoli, who plays Nick. “It’s been a humane run, it’s been a humane way to make a show, and it’s been a very humane ending.”

Even beyond the biggest questions on the show — seriously, what is the magic stick?! — the final season will tie up each of the central characters’ arc and bring the story full circle in some ways. With the enemy group Black Claw defeated at the end of Season 5, many of the cast members found themselves wondering “what’s next?” when they returned for Season 6, and the writers decided to bring in an even bigger villainous force to drive the drama in the final season.

“We have an even greater sort of obstacle this year; as the season progresses, something even more evil this way comes. Eventually it forces everyone to work together because nothing gets everyone on the same side like some mortal danger,” said Sasha Roiz, who plays Renard. Added Bree Turner, who plays Rosalee, “It is really survival, and also there’s some elements of understanding beyond what we even know as Wesen about who Wesen are, where did they come from? The writers really take us beyond the comfort zone of what the show’s even thought about in terms of the Wesen community.”

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