Grimm Showrunners Explain Series Finale “The End” and Answer Lingering Questions – IGN

NBC’s Grimm series finale aired on March 31st, 2017. IGN talked to Grimm showrunners David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf to answer some lingering question, everything about the series finale, a look at what could have been, and more. Source: IGN

Take a sneak peek at the IGN interview. (This interview contains spoilers from the series finale)

IGN: What made you want to end this series where you started it, with a new generation of Grimm taking over in the form of adult Kelly and adult Diana?

JIM KOUF: I think it was a nice fairy tale ending bookend to the series, so I think kind of always knew we wanted to end [here]. We have these kids; what is going to happen to them? Are they going to continue on? So I think that was the idea from the beginning.

DAVID GREENWALT: That’s the big question: what did happen to Diana and Kelly? And we also always had the image of the book itself closing, and that being the final image, except for saying “thank you” to the fans. Then to go not only full circle in terms of a myth/legend/fairy tale but actually go out to the future and have a guy say, “What you’ve been seeing is all true. I know it happened because my father told me,” that always struck me as really strong, kind of an oral history and written history of these kinds of tales.

IGN: You guys did things both ways in this finale where you had Nick lose everything and also gave him a happy ending. Was there ever a point in which you were going to have those deaths be permanent? Or did you always want to test him as far as he’d go while still ending with our favorite characters still alive?

KOUF: When we created this powerful staff, if it really had that much power, it had to have some power beyond the death of the Zerstörer. It had to be some reward for not letting the world turn bad.

GREENWALT: And Nick was ready to make that Devil’s bargain, too, to have his loved ones back, until he had a somewhat supernatural experience of the strength of his blood and his ancestors who came before him, and then naturally who would come after him. I mean, just imagine if we had just killed everybody and he just walks off to the drug store! Everyone would have had a big fit.

Read the complete IGN interview with Grimm showrunners David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf about the series finale and more about Grimm.

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