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After 6 seasons, NBC’s Grimm came to an end with an emotional and shocking series finale titled “The End”. T VGuide talked to Grimm executive producers David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf about crafting the potentially devastating finale, the future of the Scooby gang, and the possibility of a spin-off. Source: TV Guide

Take a sneak peek at the TV Guide interview. (This interview contains spoilers from the series finale)

I was so stressed for the majority of this finale wondering if anyone was going to make it out alive. Why did you want to turn this into such a bloodbath?

Jim Kouf: Everybody had been safe for the whole series. It made logical sense that if you’re going to battle someone like Zerstorer, who needs a piece of the stick for his puzzle to be put back together, you have to have something to trade. Nick is being asked to give up the world, essentially. In order to do that, you have to have a lot. That’s why you take away everyone that he loved because he was willing to make that trade.

David Greenwalt: We needed a worthy opponent for this finale. We needed to answer the question of the stick, the Seven Keys and what the Grimm crusaders hid so long ago. It had to be bigger and badder than anything we’ve ever done before. Jim is right that on the emotional level [Nick] needed to lose everything that meant anything to him. We had to take him as low as he could possibly be taken.

Previous Grimms have had to lead their lives alone and these very dark, solitary paths. Nick avoids that fate and gets to keep everyone. What is it about him that allowed him to do that?

Kouf: He took everyone as who they were, not what their reputation was. Not every Wessen was bad. If you deal with people one on one to try and decipher who they are, not everyone is bad.

Greenwalt: Nick is a more post-modern Grimm. Aunt Marie told him in the pilot, “Juliette is great. You have to dump her immediately. There’s no room for love in this kind of life you’re going to be leading.” His mother had to make those sacrifices. He kind of held on and didn’t make those sacrifices. Sometimes he paid dearly for them, like Juliette going evil…He didn’t just cut off your head instantly if you were a Wessen. He was a new kind of Grimm. He’s a New Testament Grimm.

Read the complete TV Guide interview with Grimm executive producers David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf about the series finale.

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