Grimm Season 6: Sasha Roiz Previews Renard’s Fall From Grace, Unlikely Ally – TVLine

TVLine talked with Sasha Roiz about Renard’s rise and fall journey, his bond with Diana, and more about Grimm‘s sixth and final season. Source: TVLine

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“When we finished on Season 5, he’s really on top,” portrayer Sasha Roiz tells TVLine during a visit to the show’s set, adding with a chuckle,” and that changes very quickly by Episode 3″ of Season 6.

Without giving anything away, let’s just say that the newly minted mayor runs into a bunch of opposition in the first three episodes of the upcoming (and final) season — leaving Renard grasping at any form of support he can find. And Roiz says that’s when Diana becomes a more important part of her father’s life.

“What becomes more of a focal point in this season for him is his daughter,” the actor says. “His daughter plays a large role in his life, and I kind of like that element. There’s this beautiful paternal instinct that kicks in in Renard whenever she’s around.”

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