Grimm: Nick Comes Face to Face With The Godfather of Death in “Blood Magic” – Screenspy

ScreenSpy has watched the tenth episode of Grimm’s sixth and final season, titled “Blood Magic”, and they have some teasers (which could be spoilers for some fans). Source: Screenspy

Check out some of the things to know about the episode “Blood Magic” from the ScreenSpy article (careful, as some teasers can be considered spoilers).

  • Renard demands answers tot Adalind and Nick about the symbols that Diana has been drawing.
  • Adalind tries to help Eve in her quest to enter the others side of the mirror.
  • Sgt. Wu is the one that solves the case of “The Godfather of Death”

Read the complete Screenspy article which reveals a lot more about Grimm’s “Blood Magic”.

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