Grimm: Is Nick Going to End Up Alone? – TV Guide

David Giuntoli talked with TV Guide about the dangers of the mysterious stick, Nick, Adalind and Eve/Juliette’s complications, and what it would mean for Nick to fully embrace his role as a Grimm. Source: TV Guide

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However, it may not be as simple as Nick having to choose between Juliette and Adalind, because fate has other plans for the Grimm that he may finally have to accept before the season is over.

“From the very beginning he’s been warned from people — from his aunt to his mother — you can’t have these relationships. They have to go. You are putting everyone you love in danger. Throughout the seasons, it’s really become true.” Giontoli explains.

If Nick truly embraces his role as the Grimm, it may be a very lonely road ahead.

“I think that he wants to be Nick the cop, but the fate that is showing up is that he has to be the Grimm. He can no longer be Nick the boyfriend, the cop, the father, the pal. He’s the Grimm,” the actor continues. “He’s got a tremendous amount of responsibility on his shoulders and until he full embraces that, all of his loved ones are going to be in peril, and oh my God are they ever in this season.”

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