Grimm Finale: EPs Explain All Those Deaths, Rosalee’s Skipped Pregnancy and Who They Just Couldn’t Bring Back – TVLine

Grimm’s series finaleThe End” was filled with big shocking moments, all the devasting deaths. TVLine talked to Grimm’s showrunners David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf about the shocking and emotional last episode, how they came with the idea for the finale, all the deaths, the callbacks to previous seasons, which character they couldn’t bring back., more Source: TVLine

Take a sneak peek at the TVLine article. (Beware for Spoilers from the series finale. Do not read if you have not watched Grimm’s last episode 6×13 “The End”)

TVLINE | How did you come to the idea that, even though things were going to be reversed later, everyone had to die except for Nick?
KOUF | That’s the logic of it. Because if you’re fighting great evil and great evil wants something that is going to destroy the world and he’s got to convince you that it’s worth it to give this to him so he can destroy the world, you’ve got to take a lot away from [Nick].
GREENWALT | Everything! So that decides a lot of the plot, if you go to that emotional space. And it’s our biggest ending ever. We’ve had previous giant endings to the show every season, so we had to go all the way.

TVLINE | This is a much different episode for David Giuntoli than the usual Grimm script.
KOUF | Oh yeah. David had to pace himself. He couldn’t blow it all on the first one or two, because it was really so sad. So it’s a fine-tuned response to every single one where he, at the end, comes unglued.

TVLINE | The Monroe death seemed to break Nick a little more than all the others.
GREENWALT | That’s right. It was designed. You’re sort of killing them in some emotional order, but for sure, Monroe is the most devastating one in terms of if you’ve been watching the show for six years. Losing the women you love and your best friend and your partner and on and on… I just wanted to say, David Giuntoli, that’s a heck of a performance. As an actor, you look at that, and what you said: In about 25 pages, everybody’s dead. And quickly. He had to keep coming up with different ways to face that and play that. It was quite amazing.
KOUF | Yeah, he really brought it.

Read the complete TVLine interview with Grimm’s showrunners David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf to learn more about the series finale, including behind the scenes’ scoop.

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  1. It was such a BRILLIANT show why end it? Or had it runs it’s course, so to speak, maybe the actors needed to move on with their careers. It will be sadly missed it the UK, that’s for sure. Enjoyed every episodes first 6 years, quite addictive really.
    Will there be a new Grimm type series with the offspring playing centre stage?

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