Grimm Finale: Behind-the-Scenes Scoop on Those Two Surprise Returns – TVLine

Grimm’s showrunners David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf talked to TVLine about those two surprise returns during the series finale. “One of the things I’m proudest of, at the end, is that it’s one man and three women taking on the evil,” Jim Kouf told TVLine. Source: TVLine

Take a sneak peek at the TVLine article. (This article contains spoilers from the series finale).

In the series finale, Nick Burkhardt is helped by his deceased mother, Kelly (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) and aunt Marie (Kate Burton) to give him some good advice and fight the big bad Zerstorer.


“We did know that it would be wonderful if the two of them would come back,” series co-creator David Greenwalt says. “We called them individually and explained what we knew of the story at that time… they both fell in love with the idea.”

Grimm shoots in Portland, Ore., and both Burton and Mastrantonio are based on the East Coast, so “we would have them for only two days no more,” he adds. “Then there’s this huge snowstorm in Portland like they’ve not seen in decades.” Thanks to the travel havoc wreaked by the blizzard, “We had them for one day.”

Read the complete TVLine article, in which Grimm’s showrunnners talked behind the scenes scoop about the surprising returns.

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