‘Grimm’ Final Season Preview: David Giuntoli Wants ‘People to Die,’ Series to Go Out With ‘Definitive Bang’ – Yahoo

David Giuntoli gave Yahoo a preview of Grimm‘s final season, the mysterious stick, Renard’s going full villain, the love triangle, and missing Portland and his cast. Source: Yahoo

Take a sneak peek at the Yahoo interview.

The end is near.
I know. It is not going to be fun. I kind of figured this was going to be how it would go down for Grimm. We had a six-season contract, and we ended up doing six years. And NBC was wonderful in letting us know in advance that the sixth season would be our last. It was the Portland, Oregon, death-with-dignity, hospice-care version, as opposed to just pulling the plug right out from underneath you.

Did knowing that affect the filming of the last season?
It was sad, obviously, but it did imbue us with a new energy to work hard and give fans a great last season. And a renewed appreciation for every thing we have gotten to make together and for the six seasons we did have. We are getting ready to film the last two episodes, and I am sure the last day will be the really tough one. They have become my family, and Portland has become a home.

Because you knew in advance and got to have a final season, do you think Grimm fans will have all their remaining questions answered and be happy with where it all ends?
No. [Laughs.] But I haven’t read the last episode yet, to be fair. They have been keeping that under wraps. But it is impossible. I think fans are going to love this season, but it will not be a completely neatly tied-up bow. There will certainly be aspects of the show and the season that will be wrapped up and answered. The tension will be released, and that will be satisfying for viewers. It was satisfying as an actor. I remember when The Sopranos ended and people were up in arms, but I will say that I liked the way that ended.

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