Grimm Exclusive: Uncomfortable Truths are Exposed in “The Son Also Rises” – Screenspy

ScreenSpy has watched the eight episode of Grimm’s sixth and final season, titled “The Son Also Rises”, and they have some teasers (which could be spoilers for some fans). Source: Screenspy

Check out some of the things to know about the episode “The Son Also Rises” from the ScreenSpy article (careful, as some teasers can be considered spoilers).

  • The gang discovers that the mystery behind the ancient cloth and the stick might pointo to the origin of all Wesen.
  • Wu and Hank team up for the latest case, while Nick rushes to Eve’s side.
  • Renard investigate Diana’s drawings.

Read the complete Screenspy article which reveals a lot more about Grimm’s “The Son Also Rises”.


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