Grimm Exclusive: Nick Adjusts to His New Normal in “El Cuegle” – Screenspy

ScreenSpy has watched the fourth episode of Grimm’s sixth and final season, titled “El Cuegle”, and they have some teasers (which could be spoilers for some fans). Source: Screenspy

Check out some of the things to know about the episode “El Cuegle” from the ScreenSpy article (careful, as some teasers can be considered spoilers).

  • Diana will reveal something about Monroe and Rosalee’s baby.
  • Nick and Adalind share a sincere momento, but it’s overheard by Eve.
  • Diana asks questions about the events of the previous episode, which leaves her ina a state of confusion.

Read the complete Screenspy article which reveals a lot more about Grimm’s “El Cuegle”.

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