Grimm EPs: The Nick and Renard Showdown Is Just the Beginning – TV Guide

TV Guide talked to Grimm’s executive producers David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf about what can we expect from the Nick/Renard’s showdown and the final season. Source: TV Guide

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We’re finally getting a showdown between Nick and Renard, which seems to have been coming for a while. What can we expect from that clash?

David Greenwalt: We’ve known that it had to come to a head from the very beginning. The first season Renard was — I don’t want to use the word evil or bad — kind of cunning. Then he kind of came around…Then Renard screwed everybody by running for Mayor. Renard really wants to get Nick, literally kill him, and Nick really wants to get Renard. These first three episodes we’ll see exactly how that unfolds.

Renard has spent a lot of time in the grey area on this series, but it feels like he’s officially chosen the dark side now. Is that true, or is there still time for a Renard redemption arc?

Greenwalt: Ultimately in the season he’ll gain some redemption, but it’s not so much that he’s been in a grey area and now he’s in a dark area. He’s doing what is best for his character and purpose in life.

Jim Kouf: He always chooses himself. He’s flexible.

What is it that Renard wants now, especially since Bonaparte is dead?

Kouf: I think he’s always striving for the power position.

Greenwalt: Don’t forget he’s a royal bastard. He had a foot stool in the castle. He saw where everything was, but it was all denied him. So, he’s going to try and return to the center of power.

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