‘Grimm’ creators on the tearful end of the show and the possibility of it being picked up – LA Times

Grimm executive producer and creators David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf talked to Los Angeles Times about the series finale and answer some questions. Source: LA Times

Take a sneak peek at the LA Times article(This interview contains spoilers from the series finale)

What were your first thoughts, story-wise, on what you had to do once you found out that this was the final season for “Grimm?”

Jim Kouf: We thought we had a lot of explaining to do.

David Greenwalt: Yeah, we were somewhat daunted, grateful to know that we had this much time to arc out the series. Every year we’ve had this big, bang-up ending, so we had to come full circle somehow, some way.

Kouf: We wanted to explain the stick and where it came from. We wanted to explain the ring on Adalind’s finger and get rid of that. We had to fight some big bad evil.

In terms of the Wesen — or we think he’s Wesen — that you ended up creating, the Destroyer, was he already one you’d considered, or was he made up in service to the story in the end?

Greenwalt: Kind of both. We created him to match the myth of the staff, and we liked the idea of him being in his own world but he needed a way into our world. It had to be bigger and badder than anything we’d ever done before, which helps explain the high body count.

And that body count … Everybody had to go. Were you guys on the set when the actors were filming their final death scenes?

Greenwalt: Yes, because we directed the finale, and we were there for the episode before as well.

Kouf: Yeah, we were there, and they all knew that we wanted to go out with as big a bang as possible. We wanted to give Nick and the audience a real emotional ride.

In terms of researching the Destroyer, it seemed like there were a lot of myths brought together to create him and his staff. How did that particular research go?

Greenwalt: The show has drawn on myths and legends from every culture basically from all over the world. We thought it was really important to not just say this was a Christian myth or even a religious one. We thought it was important to say how it fit into all myths.

Kouf: The fun of doing all the research was that you find out a lot of things. For instance, there are a lot of staffs throughout history that have power. There was the staff of Moses, and we started looked at that and wondering whatever happened to the staff of Moses that had all of this power and parted the Red Sea and turned into snakes. It’s never recorded what happened to it. So that was our big opus. Nobody know what happened to the staff of Moses — well, we explain what happened.

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