Exclusive: Silas Weir Mitchell delves into the good, the bad and the Grimm of it all – SyFy Wire

Silas Weir Mitchell talked with SyFy Wire about the series finale of Grimm, Monroe and Rosalee’s romance, more. Source: SyFy Wire

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Monroe’s been such a uniquely wonderful character to watch. What’s it been like for you to play him through the six seasons?

It was lovely. It felt like it was a good fit. I mean on the pilot episode … I hadn’t worked in a long time the day that we shot that very important sequence of the Grimm and I meeting. I didn’t feel very good about it, but I’m glad that I was wrong because apparently it worked. It felt good from the beginning. It was a good match, me and him. Plus I had known [executive producer] Jim Kouf previously. We had worked together, so he understood my voice and I understood his voice.

You were really wrong because the scene where Monroe and Nick initially fight and then Monroe suggests they have a beer … it was a great scene. From a fan standpoint, a viewer standpoint.

It worked and it just shows you a lot of times we don’t know what we think we know.

Your character really has been there all the way through for this crazy Grimm guy.

There was a little bit of a figuring out period at the beginning, “Like who is this guy? Can I trust him?” But I became the loyal sidekick pretty quickly. We tried to keep the conflict going so that it wasn’t so easy. It was probably a little too easy, but they did try I think to keep their eye on the fact that it was not okay for me to be doing what I was doing … The whole Wesenrein thing where I got kidnapped, I think that was very important to keep alive so that it didn’t just become taken for granted that I was his friend or could be his friend.

You came back season after season with these crazy storylines that the writers were throwing at you guys. What did you think when you picked up these scripts?

That’s the fun of TV is you get a new script every eight days and the fun of it is seeing what they are going to do to you after you’ve skimmed the script to see how many days off you have. That’s the fun of it is that it’s this ongoing roller coaster. You get a front row seat for how the writers are going to get themselves out of the fixes they get themselves into and you. And that’s really fun, I mean for an actor that’s one of the great things about a TV gig is the serialized nature of it is this sort of evolving thing.

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  1. I am really pist that Grimm has been cancelled, this perfect cast of characters! They have become so important to me!! Dam you NBC!!! Silas and bree are a great match… And I wanted to watch their ‘ litter’ grow…..

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