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In this May 2012 interview, David Giuntoli talked to Glamour about GrimmSeason 1 finale episode “The Woman in Black”, and took part of their Obsessed Q&A, including his character Nick Burkhardt, his favorite TV shows, the website he visits everyday, his most surreal Hollywood moment, his Grimm co-star that cracks him up the most, and more. Source: Glamour

Take a sneak peek at the Glamour interview.

Glamour: What can you tell us about tonight’s season finale?

David Giuntoli: The episode is entitled “The Woman in Black.” You’re going to be introduced to a new character—the woman in black—and you’ll kind of find out who she is. She’s going to become a major player in the mythology of ourGrimm world. There’s going to be I’d say three major cliff-hangers, and I can probably talk about none of them.

The TV show—aside from Grimm—that I’m obsessed with isDownton Abbey. I Netflixed the whole first season in three days in Portland. I can’t wait for the next season. I’m in different ways of love with every person on that cast, from the cook to the sisters to everybody.

The quality I admire most about Nick is: That he’s a great guy, and I admire how difficult it has been for him to turn his back on his girlfriend and his loved ones and how badly he wants to protect him.

The quality I wish I could most change about Nick is: I wish Nick didn’t have to wear a collared shirt in every scene.

The co-star that cracks me up the most is: Sasha Roiz [Captain Sean Renard] is very closet funny. He’s outrageously funny, as is most of the cast.

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