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While the show was coming to an end, Grimm’s executive producers David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf talked to Yahoo, analyzed the answers from 250 Grimm fans around the world to nine questions about the show, and they also answered them. In this article, the EPs look at the first five questions:

  • What’s you favorite creature?
  • What’s you favorite character?
  • What’s you favorite episode?
  • Did you enjoy the show’s humor?
  • Did you realize how much history you were learning?.

Source: Yahoo

Take a sneak at the Yahoo article.

DAVID GREENWALT AND JIM KOUF ASK: What was your favorite creature?

ANALYZING THE ANSWERS: Votes on this topic were all over the map from aswang to ziegevolk, and every season of the series was represented. Shelby Graden said the Gello will “haunt [her] nightmares forever. I’m still trying to shake off the shivers from 2014.” Mauvais dentes, eisbibers, blutbads, and dämonfeuers all got mentions in the double digits. Speaking of dämonfeuers, numerous fans thought it was disappointing that the fire dancer played by Danielle Panabaker never returned, despite living through her run-in with the grimm. Jason Peters explained, “There is something very classical about them even as they possess a well thought-out modern take on biology and idiosyncrasy.”

There were also a surprising number of people who picked the lady who looked like a hippo when she woged and who kept herself from becoming dinner in a recent episode.

Hexenbiests/zauberbiests were most heavily singled out. We assume it’s because they’ve been around since the beginning of the show and two main characters, Adalind and Renard, fall into this witch/warlock camp. Tea L supported our theory with her opinion, “Adalind/Renard because badass ambitious survivors are awesome.” Or maybe it’s about having a face you can’t forget, as Arimar Junior suggested in his email: “[It] is just so horrid. And the powers are amazing.”

GREENWALT AND KOUF RESPOND: Greenwalt had no clue how people would respond because there were so many to choose from, but he was thrilled to hear that one of his favorites, the tree being called a Kinoshimobe, got a few likes. Kouf guessed that the top dog, err wolf, would be a blutbad because “he was the first Wesen ever.” Given how important Adalind has become to Nick’s story and Renard’s recent stint as enemy No. 1, the producers understood how hexenbiests/zauberbiests could become the frontrunners.

They were tickled that one of the lesser monsters remained memorable. Greenwalt said of the hippo that beheaded the hibernating Casanova, “She was a terrific critter and a great twist no one saw coming. If I was a bigger person, I’d credit NBC for that twist, but I’m not.” Kouf thought it was cool that a handful of fans mentioned the ogre from way back. “The ogre was a fun one, too. I like that one. It was kind of a take on The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.”

When we mentioned that someone gave love to Hap, a character we couldn’t even recall, the guys were also dumbfounded for a few seconds. Then it hit Kouf: “I think he was Monroe’s cousin.” That jogged Greenwalt’s memory: “He was quite the character. It starts with him smoking and drinking and trying to lift this weird weight on TV at the same time and it goes flying out his window. It was an early one about the pigs and the wolves, and he was assassinated while staying at Monroe’s house by a bauerschwein who turned out to be a fire investigator.”

Read the complete Yahoo article to know the answers from fans and the executive producers to the other questions.

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