Cast Interviews and Behind the Scenes – Grimm 2×09 La Llorona

In these interviews and videos from 2012, the cast (David Giuntoli, Bitsie Tulloch, and Silas Weir Mitchell) and crew of Grimm, including guest star Kate Del Castillo, talked about Grimm’s Season 2 Halloween episode 2×09 titled “La Llorona”, including behind the scenes from the episode. Source: NBC


Grimm Exclusive! Cast teases upcoming Halloween Special



Grimm Exclusive Halloween Special Interview with Silas “Monroe” Weir Mitchell


Grimm Exclusive Behind the Scenes with Kate Del Castillo


Grimm Exclusive Halloween Special Behind the Scenes B-roll


Grimm Exclusive Behind the Scenes Makeup for Halloween Special


Grimm Exclusive Behind the Scenes with Bernadette Couture

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