A day like today on Grimm – May 20th

A day like today on Grimm 1 year ago on May 20th, 2016:
  • Black Claw infiltrates HW’s compound destroying everything and killing everyone. Bonaparte holds his hand out and makes Meisner strangle himself with one of his hands. Renard tells him to stop but he doesn’t. Renard takes out his gun and shots Meisner to end the torture.

Episode5×21 – The Beginning of the End, Part 1

Original Air Date: 05/20/2016


  • Nick survives a massive attack from Black Claw and being shot thanks to the stick. Bonaparte telekinetically chokes him. Suddenly Renard plunges a sword through Bonaparte as Diana stabs one of her dolls with a large needle.

Episode5×22 – The Beginning of the End, Part II

Original Air Date: 05/20/2016


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