Is Grimm’s Wu Turning Werewolf? Reggie Lee Previews His Character’s Hairy New Problem – TV Insider

Reggie Lee talked to TV Insider and gave them a preview about Wu’s new hairy problema, NBC’s decision to pick up Grimm for an inital 13 episode for season 6, and more. Source: TV Insider

Take a sneak peek at the TV Insider article.

With all these horrible symptoms, why isn’t Wu calling a doctor? Wouldn’t you be on the phone immediately if you were coughing up creepy, bloody hairballs?
I’m a total hypochondriac in real life, so you damn well bet Reggie Lee would be calling a doctor! [Laughs] And then the doctor would probably put me in a mental hospital. I mean, try explaining this situation! Wu is sprouting hair where it doesn’t belong. He passed out at the precinct. He’s having very weird, primal, animalistic dreams where he’s out in the forest hunting but the dreams are so muddy he doesn’t know if they are memories or illusions. So Wu is really in denial. He just holds it in until the bubble bursts, which is exactly what happens in this next episode.

Wu won’t even open up to Nick and Hank about this.
Well, don’t forget that those guys took their sweet time telling Wu about the whole weird Wesen world, so there’s a trust factor at play here. He was the last person invited into the club. So there’s real fear there, especially as things get freakier and freakier. What’s going to happen if he tells Nick and Hank? Will he lose his job? Will they take him down? Will they kill him?

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