Grimm’s Reggie Lee Weighs in on His Character’s ‘Primal,’ Brave Wu World – TVLine

TVLine talked to Reggie Lee about Wu’s transformation into some kind of creature due to a scratch from a lycanthrope in a previous episode, asking for help, and what to expect in the upcoming episode of Grimm. Source: TVLine

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Wu’s alter ego is “something that is not Wesen, but something that is caused by a virus” and “potentially permanent,” he says. “Wu goes back in evolution.”

Weeks later, TVLine catches up with the actor to talk specifics about the installment. First order of business? The utterly disgusting hairball scene that takes place when Wu wakes up after a nighttime hunt he doesn’t remember.

Lee laughs loudly as he recalls getting a text from producers James and Linda Kouf as they first saw the footage of Lee hocking up a wad of prop fur. “They said it was literally one of the two grossest things they’ve ever seen on Grimm,” he says — and remember, this is a show that in the same episode featured a birdlike monster who sucks the insides out of its victims and then regurgitates them so others can eat.

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