Grimm’s Reggie Lee Teases Season 6 Wumance and “Hulking Out” – ScreenSpy

ScreenSpy talked with Reggie Lee at DragonCon 2016 for a look at what’s coming up for Sergeant Drew Wu in the sixth and final season of Grimm, the possibilty of a Wumance, and more. Source: ScreenSpy

Take a sneak peek at the ScreenSpy interview.

ScreenSpy: So we found out something really big last season.

Reggie Lee: What?

ScreenSpy: A character that we thought wasn’t going to be a creature became a creature! How far ahead did you actually know that that was going to happen?

Reggie Lee: Well we knew that I got scratched, right? Beyond that, these guys write pretty organically. So they’re like ‘Hmm… a scratch. What is that going to do?’ The next time he gets anything going on is the next full moon which takes a month, so obviously they had me go through all these dreams and whatnot, things that I was seeing in my bathroom. I knew maybe two episodes ahead and that’s because they don’t write very far ahead.

ScreenSpy: Did you think that this might happen to you? You had been a human for so long.

Reggie Lee: I never thought in my wildest dreams — well, first of all, the finding out stuff. They didn’t really plan on doing that until season five and it happened at the end of season three. That was a huge fan reaction that was like ‘Okay, let’s move forward.’ And then this whole thing… never! I mean, Hank and I were always the ones that were like ‘Hey, yo, we’re like the real people.’ And you know, I’ve always felt kind of like the every man of the show. Like that person that relates to how you would truly react when you see a monster. And then to be this… The great thing about it is I got to truly imagine outside the box. Not that I wasn’t already imagining outside the box by going ‘Oh, there are creatures all around me.’ But just to ask how do I deal with this in my head psychologically. And then the whole thing with finding out I was like ‘Oh s***! Are they going to kill me?’ You know, because everyone thinks the darkest thing first. Am I going to go to the dark side, am I going to be on the good side?

Read the complete ScreenSpy interview to find out more about Wu and Grimm’s sixth and final season.

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