Grimm’s Bitsie Tulloch Previews Eve’s ‘Laser Focused’ Mission, Encounter With Nick & Co., Thoughts on Adalind – TVLine

Bitsie Tulloch talked to TVLine about her new alter ego Eve’s mission, how far the series went to protect the secret of Tulloch’s return, Eve’s thoughts on Adalind, and more about Grimm. “Nothing can get her off her mission, which is basically to eradicate Black Claw,” Tulloch says, referencing the monster-uprising movement. Source: TVLine

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* Remember Nick’s nightmare from the beginning of the season? Originally, Tulloch was supposed to be in it. “It was ultimately decided that if they were gonna really sell this, really have fun with this and really convince the fans… they wanted to extend it a little longer.”

* The series’ Portland, Ore., set went into lockdown when it came to keeping the secret that series regular Tulloch was still shooting scenes… even though Juliette was a goner. On the call sheet, she was referred to by her given first and middle names — Elizabeth Andrea — and her name was scrubbed from everything, including her own trailer door! “My cast chair was taken away, with my name on it,” she says, laughing, adding that Eve’s scenes were filmed almost exclusively on soundstages rather than on location “so that I could be hidden” and so no passersby would be able to get photos of Tulloch in the production.

Read the complete TVLine article with Bitsie Tulloch.

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