Grimm’s 100th Episode: See David Giuntoli’s Personal Photos – TV Insider

TV Insider talked with David Giuntoli about Grimm’s 100th episode “Into the Schwarzwald” and he shared his personal photos. He also revealed what does hitting the 100-episode mark mean to the cast of Grimm. Source: TV Insider

Take a sneak peek at the TV Insider article and check out some photos.

“We can never complain again, and we actors love to complain!” says David Giuntoli, who plays Portland cop—and creature slayer—Nick Burkhardt on the NBC drama, which premiered in 2011. “Many shows have great writing, acting and marketing and don’t last a month. We know how lucky we are to hit this landmark. Color us humbled.”




Read the complete TV Insider article to see all of David Giuntoli’s personal photos and his thoughts on his real-life romance with Bitsie Tulloch, Bree Turner joining the cast, Reggie Lee’s Wu, the hair and makeup department, his Australian fans, Jacqueline Toboni, the Grimm crew, Nick and Monroe’s relationship, and more.

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