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Silas Weir Mitchell talked to Parade about Grimm’s 100th Episode, Nick and Monroe’s special relationship, voguing for the first time, and more. Source: Parade

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One of the best things about Grimm is the Scooby Gang with the Wesen and the Grimm working together. Can you talk a little bit about  Monroe’s evolution? How in the beginning he helped Nick reluctantly, but now it’s full-on involvement.

The way I look at that is, there was a certain point in the evolution where I realized that I could use my Blutbad self, my true nature, in the service of good. That was really the turning point. That happened maybe in Season 2. There are really two main things: One is that I have used the inner darkness that my ancestors let roam free out of themselves to rape and pillage in the countryside, and that I can actually turn that in the service of good.

But the only way that could happen, and this is the second point, is through meeting a Grimm who is a different kind of Grimm. We’re two sides of the same coin in the sense that we both are the shadow versions of what a normal Grimm or a normal Blutbad would be, so we are simpatico, and that is what has made the show work, not on a chemistry level between me and David, although that’s great. It’s made the show work on a narrative level, where you have these two outliers, who should be enemies, who find common ground. He has to betray some of his instinctual genealogical heritage in not killing me, and I have to betray some of my instinctual genealogical heritage in not killing him, and we realize, “Hey. Wait a minute. We can work together.”

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