‘Grimm’ star David Giuntoli says it was a ‘fight’ just getting to 100 episodes – Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times talked with David Giuntoli about Grimm’s 100th episode milestone, the show’s plots, and life after Grimm. Source: Los Angeles Times

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When I talked to you years ago, you said you worship the law of low expectations. Reaching 100 episodes may not have been in view, but what does it mean for you and a show like “Grimm?”

People ask me what it’s like to reach 100 episodes, but really, “Grimm” has always been a fighter. There are no movie stars on our show. We’ve never been a shoe-in. We’ve had to fight for our ratings and fight for our seasons.

We’re kind of like a pitcher in the eighth inning of a no-hitter. If you get complacent, it can all fall apart. The experience of shooting 100 episodes … well, it’s not like we got picked up for five straight seasons. We had to earn each one of them. So I think when it’s all over, when the game’s over, I can luxuriate in our achievement. But until then, we’re going to keep fighting, and it’s the best thing about our cast.

There’ve been major changes recently. Is this what needs to happen for this show — or with any show in general — to keep things interesting?

I don’t think it has to happen with any show. At the end of Season 4, and the beginning of Season 5, there were some major changes, though. Some of our most-beloved sets were burned to the ground. The hero’s woman became his big bad.

There were risks taken, and I spoke with Jim Kouf and David Greenwalt, our executive producers, and Jim just shrugged and said, ‘Sometimes you have to take a chance and see if it works.’ And they weren’t being cavalier. I think that they just have the experience to know that sometimes you roll a six, sometimes you roll a two.

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