Grimm Season 6: Cast, EPs Talk ‘Great Sorrow and Great Hope’ in Final Run – TVLine

TVLine talked with Grimm’s cast and executive producers David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf about the final season and give u slots of teases for the final 13 episodes, teasing that the final three are “one giant movie”. Source: TVLine

Take a sneak peek at the TVLine article.

  • The final season is full of the show’s hallmark nighttime scenes in the great outdoors. “It’s lot of that feeling of the great, black forest/Portland look that we always loved and the fairy tale aspect of that,” Greenwalt says.
  • Among the season’s call-backs to previous episodes: “I’ll say this: There will be a Hummel figurine,” Greenwalt teases.
  • A cagey Bree Turner addresses our curiosity about Rosalee’s pregnancy by saying: “There’s been a few incidences where, yeah, some fake bellies have come out. But also, but we’ve been real time, you know, from the finale of last season. So in these 13 episodes, it’s only technically 6 weeks. But they have done a couple creative choices, through storytelling, that are really fun.”
  • Perhaps related to the previous bullet, perhaps not, Greenwalt previews, “There’s a very interesting time jump at the very end. There is some playing with time.”

Read the complete TVLine article including, the EPs relief at doing only 13 episodes, viewer’s satisfaction at the finale, a new villain, and more.

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