Grimm finale: David Giuntoli teases miracle stick repercussions – EW

Grimm’s season 5 comes to an end with a two-hour season finale and Entertainment Weekly talked with David Giuntoli about what to expect with Nick and Adalind, the miracle stick, and what kind of troubles will the Scooby gang have to face. Source: EW

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Let’s talk about the miracle stick. Nick showing Trubel where it was in the last episode seemed pretty foreboding. Is it safe to say that we’ll be seeing it come into play in the season finale?
Oh, yeah. That little stick is a major player. Tiny stick, big world. The writers of Grimm don’t just willy-nilly throw in a stick for no reason. It’s clearly going to have some major repercussions. And the Scooby gang, helmed by Nick, are learning about its powers as the viewers are.

Please tell us that we get to see Nick go full-on grimm and kick a lot of Black Claw ass in the finale.
Nick looks cute with that baby, but look, the season finale is going to be a very lovely opportunity for Nick Burkhardt to go full grimm on the city of Portland and Black Claw. Grimm Unchained.

How much of a threat is Diana? We’ve seen her recently pushing for Renard and Adalind to be together. Should Nick be worried about his safety if he breaks up Diana’s happy family?
Imagine if you, at the age of 5 or 6, had all of the power in the world — if your 5-year-old whims were backed by supernatural powers beyond compare — that’s what Diana is. And yeah, she is a threat. It’s not like she’s evil, but she has no understanding of her power and doesn’t know how to handle her emotions and has too many tools behind them. She’s kind of like a domesticated bear — generally tame, but you never know when s— is going to hit the fan.

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