Grimm: Adalind Sees Juliette As a Threat No Matter What She’s Called Now – TV Guide

Claire Coffee talked to TV Guide about Grimm’s episode 5×10 “Map of the Seven Knights”, including how Adalind feels about Eve/Juliete being back and her search for Diana. Source: TV Guide

Take a sneak peek at the TV Guide article.

“[Adalind] definitely doesn’t feel okay about Eve being back. She’s very scared of Eve and she’s every scared for what Eve being back means for her relationship with Nick,” Coffee tells “Even if Eve is changed, I don’t think she really trusts that Eve is a totally different person and that it won’t jeopardize her relationship with Nick.”

That worry is going to come to a head on Friday when Eve decides to “involve” herself in Nick’s home life. “Eve is concerned about Nick’s loyalties and is worried about what Adalind might do to jeopardize the loyalties they are trying to establish with Nick and Hadrian’s Wall,” Coffee explains.

Read the complete TV Guide article including how Adalind will get brought into action with Hadrian’s Wall and be part of the fight against Black Claw, which involves her search for Diana.

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