David Giuntoli talks Grimm’s shocking season 5 finale – EW

Entertainment Weekly talked with David Giuntoli to get scoop about the surprising reveals in Grimm‘s two-hour season finale, including an unexpected return and the miracle stick, the future of Nick and Adalind’s relationship, and his hopes for season 6. Source: EW

Take a sneak peek at the TVLine article. (Beware for Spoilers from season finale. Do not read if you have not watched the two-hour season finale episodes 5×21 and 5×22 “The Beginning of the End, Parts 1 and 2”) 

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: We saw the miracle stick heal Monroe and Nick, but with Eve, it had a little bit of a different effect. It seems to have returned her emotions. Should we assume that she’s back to being Juliette now?

Yeah, that stick is to hexenbiests what penicillin is to human beings. It just kind of cures all. The stick looks like it cured Juliette of her mortal wounds, or would-have-been mortal wounds, and in the meantime also kind of cured her of her hexenbiest side effects, I suppose. And we see that with Juliette, and I think that if that moment had happened at any other moment, it would have been a much longer moment, but we were in the process of being ambushed so Nick didn’t have a lot of time to process that. But it’s in the back of Nick’s mind.

Let’s talk about the fate of Nick and Adalind’s relationship. Not only do we have Juliette as a potential threat to that relationship now, but there’s also Diana who could very well just kill Nick in his sleep if she decides she doesn’t like him.
I don’t think Diana is evil at heart. Again, she’s kind of like the circus animal where we get so surprised if they hurt us, but they’re not supposed to be juggling. That elephant isn’t supposed to be balancing something on its nose. As for Adalind, I think that Nick understands that Adalind was being put in an impossible situation and she’s being blackmailed with her family. And he’s not happy that she’s “with” Renard right now, but I think he can forgive her.

Read the complete Entertainment Weekly interview with David Giuntoli.

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