Comic Con 2016 – Things To Know About Season 6 of Grimm

The cast and producers of Grimm revealed some information about the show’s upcoming season 6 during Comic Con 2016 on Saturday July 23rd, 2016. Here’s some interesting tidbits revealed and commentary from the cast and executive producers during the panel.


Nick and Renard’s relationship: “We’ve read the first three scripts [of season 6]. We’re not friends in the first three scripts,” said David Giuntoli. Bree Turner, who plays Rosalee, adds, “There’s no frenemies. It’s enemies.”

Hank’s romantic life: About former love interest and Black Claw informant Zuri, Russell Hornsby said: ““We didn’t see her die, necessarily, so she may come back”.

Monroe and Rosalee’s baby: Rosalee’s pregnancy was a happy momento for the couple, but they are still in danger. “I think the biggest concern is what the world is going to look like when this kid comes into it,”, said Bree Turner.

Diana, a parenting challenge: Monroe and Rosalee will babysit Diana in the upcoming 13-episode run. Also, Claire Coffee noted that Adalind and Renard’s daughter probably needs a firm hand… but could turn lethal if she doesn’t get her way.

Nick’s love life: “Nick wants to be with the woman who wants to kill him the least,” said David Giuntoli.

Diana and Kelly: Diana and Kelly will be friends and foes. “We don’t know exactly what Kelly can do yet,” said executive producer David Greenwalt.

Eve/Juliette’s journey: Juliette coming back will be answer during the course of season 6.

Season 6’s focus: The season will focus on the core regular cast, and Trubel, and will pick up where season 5 left off.

The stick: During season 6, the show will explain the mystery of the stick, where it comes from, and its effect on people.

Grimm’s new job: David Giuntoli will make his directing debut in episode three of Grimm’s season 6, which will be the first episode to be shot for the season.


Sources: TVLine, Entertainment Weekly

2 thoughts on “Comic Con 2016 – Things To Know About Season 6 of Grimm

  1. Can’t wait to see the first episode of season 6. This is my favorite show and i RARELY WATCH TV PROGRAMS. i AM MORE A MOVIE MAN.

    1. Just like you, we can’t wait for season 6… it’s going to be epic!
      So happy to see there are many Grimm fans (grimmsters) out there!

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