Comic Con 2016 – Grimm cast on who ‘goes to the dark side’ in season 6 – EW

At Comic-Con 2016, the stars of Grimm previewed what’s ahead following the events in the season five finale, including the status of Nick and Renard’s relationship after Renard killed Bonaparte. Source: Entertainment Weekly

Take a sneak peek at the Entertainment Weekly article.

Killing Conrad to save Nick’s (David Giuntoli) life definitely wasn’t enough to absolve Renard (Sasha Roiz) in the eyes of Nick and the rest of the group. When the NBC series returns for its sixth season, Nick and Renard are most definitely on the outs.

“We’ve read the first three scripts [of season 6]. We’re not friends in the first three scripts,” series star David Giuntoli says during an interview in the EW studio at San Diego Comic Con. Bree Turner, who plays Rosalee, adds, “There’s no frenemies. It’s enemies.”

This season, we’ll see Renard turn further away from the light side. “Renard kind of goes to the dark side quite a bit,” teases Sasha Roiz.

Read the complete EW article and watch the entire interview to find out more about season 6.

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